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Neptun Transport has developed a reputation as a specialist provider of trucking services between Scandinavia and the Balkans, Eastern and South Eastern Europe including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Ukraine and Central Asia. Our fleet operates on a round trip basis and therefore we can offer both import and export services for full or part loads.

We have a modern fleet of trucks with experienced Danish drivers operating regular services to our principal destinations. All vehicles are equipped with satellite technology to enable us to maintain contact enroute and track the exact progress of your cargo. This fleet is further complimented by a network of carefully chosen Eastern European partner carriers enabling us to offer extremely competitive full-load solutions. We have the highest frequency of departures to the Balkan countries.

Our customers benefit from our specialist knowledge of and presence in this region. We have a network of professional agents throughout South Eastern Europe which ensures that Neptun Transport can guarantee safe and timely delivery to meet both your deadline and your high expectations.

Contact the Neptun Team to enquire about our rates, or simply to ask for our advice. We pride ourselves on our friendly approach and fast response.

Surcharges and Fees

Oil Surcharge:
September 2021 – 29,6%

Environmental Surcharge
Min. 20,00 dkk pr. Shipment
0,3% of freight charge

​​Marpol Surcharge

Dkk 0,66 pr. 100 kgs
Min, Dkk 5,00 pr. shipment
Max. Dkk 119,00 pr. shipment

Hungarian Road Tax

Dkk 6,00 pr. 100 kgs
Min. Dkk 40,00 pr. shipment
Max. Dkk 855,00 pr. shipment

Dkk 4,20 pr. 100 kgs
Min. Dkk 20,00 pr. shipment
Max. Dkk 855,00 pr. shipment

Austrian Road Tax

Eastern Route
Dkk 3,95 pr. 100 kgs
Min. Dkk 10,50 pr. shipment.
Max. Dkk 710,00 pr. shipment

Western Route
Dkk 1,01 pr. 100 kgs
Min. Dkk 10,00 pr. shipment
Max. Dkk 183,00 pr. shipment

Czech Road Tax

Dkk 4,95 pr. 100 kgs
Min. Dkk 44,00 pr. shipment
Max. Dkk 742,00 pr. shipment

German Road Tax

DKK 10,69 pr. 100 kgs
Min. DKK 50,13 pr. shipment
Max DKK 2046,70 pr. shipment

Slovakian Road Tax

Dkk 3,10 pr. 100 kgs
Min. Dkk 40,00 pr. shipment
Max. Dkk 375,00 pr. shipment

Neptun Transport A/S​

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Telephone: +45 39 27 77 99

Fax: +45 39 27 19 50