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​EU Mobility Package 2022

With the implementation of the EU Mobility Package in february 2022, the transport market has again come under even greater pressure than in 2021, where the lack of capacity of drivers and trucks has stressed the supply lines in the whole market.

At Neptun Transport A/S, our main focus is to ensure our clients feel as little as possible of these challenges.

In the Mobility package, there are many new challenges and rules.

​Some of the main issues are as follows:

- Return to home every 8 weeks

- "Cool Down" period of 4 days re. cabotage 

- Drivers to have local work conditions in the countries they are stationed in - this regards work times and not resting times.

- Trips to be registered before start in IMI

- Drivers are not allowed to make their rest in the trucks for their weekly rest.

If you should have any questions, contact your Neptun Transport represenatative.

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